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Managed Security Information Management Services

Managed Security Information (MIS) is the transmission or distribution of customer-managed data to specified parties. Customers usually control their own networks. They can do this through software applications, which allow for self-service from anywhere there is an Internet connection, which means that the customer data is in the hands of the person who owns it. […]

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The Cybersecurity Concerns of Working Remote

There is a growing concern among employers that their employees will be susceptible to cybersecurity risks from their own work from home computers. It has been estimated that up to 70% of all corporate work from home workers have been targeted by cyberattacks. The number of these attacks has dramatically increased as the cost of […]

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Cybersecurity Risks of Working From Home

Understanding the Security Issues Associated With Cybersecurity Working Remotely With the advent of the Internet, more people are opting to work from home. There is more to the growing popularity of working from home than meets the eye. While there is no denying that the rise in demand for working from home is an economic […]

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Identity Management: A Fundamental Tool For Cybersecurity

Identity thieves are very organized Identity Management is an essential tool to secure and safeguard the sensitive data of an organization from cyber threats. Organizations depend on Identity Management Companies to address the ever-changing challenges in terms of identity theft. The issue of protecting personal information requires the services of an Identity Management Company. The […]

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Business Identity Management B2C Application

Photo by Viktor Hanacek Identity Management refers to the procedures and techniques in managing, identifying, establishing, and maintaining the credentials of different individuals or groups. The main objectives of Identity Management are to provide for robust authentication mechanisms, secure business transactions, establish standard relationships, improve productivity, and overall streamline and improve workflow. Cybersecurity is the […]

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